Welcome to Berhouet Aces Forum!!!

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Welcome to Berhouet Aces Forum!!! Empty Welcome to Berhouet Aces Forum!!!

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:27 am

Hello all and welcome to Berhouet Aces Forum!!!

This forum is going to have players from all over the world competing individually, in a team against other teams in this forum as well as forums against other forums. Berhouet Aces is going to have a total of 800 smaller teams in 12 divisions but right now we are starting with 100 teams of the top 100 cities in Canada.

Thus all players can be on any of the teams but all players start at the bottom on Forum S Teams and at the end of May the top 64 players move up to Forum C Teams, the next 64 players move up to Forum E Teams while the rest stay on Forum S Teams.

These are the four divisions in this forum:

1-Forum A Teams
8 Teams (Players to be determine after the FA-Draft)

2-Forum C Teams
8 Teams (Top 64 players at the end of May 2010)

3-Forum E Teams
8 Teams (Top 128 players at the end of May 2010)

4-Forum S Teams
12 Teams (all new players and all those not in the top 128 stay on these teams)

The main goal while playing forums against forums is to try your best and get the best result possible as well as finishing in the top 400 to get BA ranking points.

Our first tourney is a Freeroll on Saturday Dec 12/09 and a 24+2 Tourney on Sunday Dec 13/09 both at Full Tilt Poker.

Just go there and register under Berhouet Aces and register in here so that your name is counted.

Good luck all and we are going to rock!!!


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